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Sun Jun 20 2021  

The Drug Free Family Pak Program



A Tool to Augment Individual and Family Therapy

Years of research have gone into the creation of the American Foundation for Drug Prevention’s Drug-Free Family PAK. It is one of the most comprehensive tools available for prevention action. Creators and presenters of the PAK all agree that the "War on Drugs" can only be won if it is fought one family at a time. Whether you have a drug-free family is something you can do a great deal about. And the Drug-Free Family PAK, along with the network of concerned prevention activists shows the specific steps you can take and build upon to keep yourself and your children drug-free throughout the life of your family.

Purposes of the Program

  • To Empower Parents and Youth
  • No one can provide the protection a child needs better than an informed and involved parent or care giver. An uninformed parent may be a child’s worst enemy. The program provides the education and direction parents of today’s children need in order to help their children develop a solid foundation they can use for the rest of their lives.

  • To Improve Family Relationships
  • Prevention is all about healthy, purposeful families. The principles and actions outlined in the program will do more than just protect your child. They will also provide the basis of a quality family experience for all family members. You are not just raising your child when you parent; you are raising your grandchild as well. Children raised by these principles will apply them to their children, and extended family will benefit down the line.

  • To Provide Peace of Mind
  • Informed parents are less fearful parents. If you want to overcome fear, study and learn about whatever it is you are afraid of. Prevention is equipping a child to walk through a drug-filled world drug-free.


Awareness - Understanding the Need Responsibility - Understanding my Role
Drug Education - Learning the Basics Communication - Sharing the Principles
Discipline and Structure - Setting Boundaries Intervention - Is Your Child Drug-Free?
Family Covenant - A commitment to drug-free Resource Guide - For helpful organizations

And for kids

"Don’t Be Fooled!" - A video entertaining and educating children 7-12 and their families.

Just for teens

"Drug-Free - It’s Up to Me" - A video challenging youth ages 12-17 to accept their personal responsibility to be drug-free.

The Drug-Free Family PAK Program is available for use as part of ongoing Individual and/or Family therapy at North City Psychological Group. Materials are reviewed and discussed as part of the treatment. Contact Dr. Brian Storrs with inquiries at (858) 695-2237 extension 2 for further information.

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