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Sun Jun 20 2021  

Addiction And Recovery

Children of Alcoholics Recovering Families

Alcoholism in the home has long-lasting effects. Children of alcoholics often learn to cope with an unhappy childhood in ways that cause problems for them much later in life. Learning about how alcoholism affected your past can help you to make sure your future is better.
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When someone in the family has a chemical dependency, everyone changes under the strain. As the chemically dependent family member begins to recover, the rest of the family needs to recover, too. To help the dependent person stay sober, family members develop patience, reasonable expectations and better communications skills.
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Addicted to Love Sexual Addiction

"Love is all you need." For the person addicted to love, this becomes more than a popular lyric. It becomes literal truth. What is love addiction, and why are some men and women addicted to love? How can the problem be identified, and how can those addicted be helped?
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Some people become addicted to sex. What is the function of the brain in sexual addiction? What ways are there to cope with this addiction and to regain and insure a healthier sexual life?
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Drug Free Family Program  

A Tool to Augment Individual and Family Therapy
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