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Sun Jun 20 2021  

A Multidisciplinary Group Providing
Psychological Assessment and Therapy

North City Psychological Group serves adults and children with concerns of adjustment to everyday living. We emphasize a preventive approach to health care and offer direct intervention for current difficulties in psychological adjustment.


North City Psychological Group is staffed by State of California licensed psychotherapists in the disciplines of clinical psychology and social work. Staff are chosen based on both their breadth of experience and their specialization within their field. Where situations involve care outside of the field of psychological assessment and therapy, appropriate referrals or coordination with other professions is provided.


Fees are based on the usual, customary and reasonable charges for each profession. As we are enrolled in dozens of Managed Care Plans we also offer discounts appropriate to each plan. All insurances are accepted and we provide billing as requested. In cases of hardship we can arrange payment plans as needed to provide for necessary mental health care.

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